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NatWest International Sports Technical Official Development Programme

Aim: Increase the number of qualified sports technical officials within the Islands.

Applications must be received by the IIGA General Secretary one month prior to the event to be supported taking place.

Categories of Grant

  1. Island based certificated sport technical official course.
  2. Grants to individuals for advanced sport technical official course, which may require off island travel.

Criteria for each type of grant  

  • The sport must be a NatWest International Island Games Sport.
    Category 1 & 2.
  • Sport technical official courses should form part of an agreed development plan for the sport.
    Category 1 & 2.
  • Island based courses should be open to a maximum number of people.
    Category 1
  • Where possible island based Sport technical official courses should be linked to Coaching visits and should include sessions for school groups.
    Category 1
  • Local organisers should be responsible for accommodating course tutors (in order to reduce costs).
    Category 1.

Amounts Available

Category 1
Up to 100% of actual travel costs of transporting course tutor to/from Island

Category 2
Up to 75% of actual travel cost of transporting course tutor to/from Island

Category 3
Up to 50% of actual travel, accommodation and course fees for individuals attending advanced coaching courses which cannot take place on own island.