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Potential Bidding Islands

Any Member Island considering hosting the NatWest International Island Games in the future should firstly read Section 21 of the IIGA Constitution as there are certain deadlines which have to be met, the most important of which are as follows:-

1. Any Member Island that intends to Bid for a Games should be encouraged to discuss the bidding process with the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity.

2. The Executive Committee will after discussions and negotiations with Member Islands provisionally allocate the Games no later than 6 years before the intended Games are to take place.

3. Any Member Island proposing to make a Bid for a Games should indicate its intention to Bid no later than 6 years before the intended Games are to take place.

4. The Member Island Association shall notify the IIGA General Secretary formally in writing of its intention to Bid for a Games at the Annual General Meeting to be held 6 years before the Games they intend to hold are to take place.

5. The honour of staging the Games shall be awarded to an Island through its Island Games Association and such award shall be by resolution of an Annual General Meeting at least 5 years beforehand.

6. The Member Island Association must submit the completed Bid Document no later than 9 months before the date of the Annual General Meeting at which the choice of Host Island will take place in the format requested by the Executive Committee to the IIGA General Secretary

The Bid Document can be downloaded below:-