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The Role of the Executive Committee

Nomination Process for Members of the IIGA Executive Committee

Elections for Members of the Executive Committee will take place every 2 years on the occasion of the Games.

All nominations for the position as a Member of the Executive Committee must be submitted in writing to the IIGA General Secretary by a Member Island Association, signed by both the Chairman and Secretary, on the headed paper of that Association. 

All nominations must be accompanied by a letter from the Nominee stating that he/she is aware of the nomination and he/she is willing to stand for election.  A short C.V. for the Nominee should also be included which shows relevant experience and the reasons why the nominee wishes to join the Executive Committee.

All nominations must be received by the General Secretary not less than 3 months before the date of the Opening Ceremony of the Games at which the elections are to be held. 

Should a current Member of the Executive Committee leave/resign before the end of his/her term the Executive Committee can, if they so decide, appoint a person to fill the vacancy until the end of that term.


Information on the Role of an Executive Committee Member can be found here