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About the IIGA

The role of the International Island Games Association (IIGA) is a wide-ranging one. It is charged not only with the task of pulling together all the different strands of responsibility which comprise the overall organisation but also has to ensure conformity with legal and financial obligations.

Part of its remit is to work with, and support, the efforts of various sports technical committees which are looking at such subjects as rules revision and keeping up with developments in their own particular sports. The IIGA has the final responsibility for ensuring the requirements of individual sports governing bodies are met.

Liaison with the 23 Member Island Associations, as well as sponsors and the media, to update them with the latest information obviously represents an important part of the work.

The International Island Games Association is affected, like any other organisation, by such matters as its own Constitution, Data Protection Legislation, Health and Safety regulations and while these may seem far removed from the business of organising a sports gathering they are important legal obligations which have to be met.

The areas mentioned above represent only a very small part of the IIGA’s functions. Others include discussions with potential host islands and their governments as well as the archiving of memorabilia and records from previous Games.

Although the Association’s work covers many different facets, overall it carries the ultimate responsibility for making sure every NatWest International Island Games, together with the organisation itself is run in an efficient and professional manner.