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NatWest International Sports Development Programme

Grants will be offered under the following terms and conditions

  • There will be a maximum grant of £3000 per Programme (1,2 & 3). The total fund available will be distributed as fairly as possible throughout the International Island Games Association Membership. However, each Island must prioritise their applications as normally only £3000 will be allocated to an Island in any one year.
  • The application must show that the Programme will lead to long term benefits for the specific sport being grant aided. The objectives must also be realistic.

Grants will available in the following four areas:
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Please Note

  • No assistance is available for the purchase of equipment
  • Retrospective applications cannot be accepted
  • Applications must be received by the IIGA General Secretary one month prior to the event to be supported taking place.
  • All grant claims must be submitted to the IIGA Office within 3 months of the final event of the grant scheme taking place otherwise such claims may be forfeited.