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NatWest and the International Island Games Association announce continued sponsorship agreement.

Sun, 27 Jun 2010

At the Annual General Meeting of the International Island Games Association (IIGA) held in the Isle of Wight earlier today, Jerry Whitsey, Head of Products and Marketing for NatWest, internationally, and Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman of the IIGA announced that NatWest are to continue their sponsorship of the NatWest Island Games to include the NatWest Island Games XV 2013 in Bermuda and NatWest Island Games XVI in Jersey.

Jerry Whitsey commented, "NatWest has been the title sponsor of the NatWest Island Games since 1999 and in partnership with the IIGA we have seen the Games flourish and grow to become an outstanding bi-annual event. For NatWest the Games provide a key focal point for us to help the development of sport and healthy living in the islands and communities in which we live and work. This support, not only in our home communities but also in all 25 family members of the IIGA, is fundamental to our being a responsible member of the community. Working closely with the passionate and professional Executive of the IIGA we have been able to help the ongoing development of the "Friendly Games". We are delighted that we will be able to continue this support and help keep the NatWest Island Games in great health over the next 5 years."

Jorgen Pettersson commented, ”Our relationship with NatWest is not confined only to sport as together we bring content to island life and sport acts as a springboard to excellence in many other areas. The IIGA has grown from strength to strength thanks to the support – financial and otherwise – received from NatWest. By taking part in sport we teach the youth of our Member Islands that in order to succeed at anything they must work hard and be committed. Our aim is to bring islanders together not only for sport, but for life. NatWest's sponsorship has enabled us to support both Host Islands and our Member Islands substantially in their attempts to improve on all levels. Thanks to the sponsorship from NatWest we are now in a strong position to continue along that way.”


Notes to editors

NatWest is the first and only title sponsor of the NatWest Island Games*

The first games to carry this name were the 1999 NatWest Island Games in Gotland

As part of the overall sponsorship arrangements over £100,000 has been used in the NatWest Sport Development Fund. This is accessible by all member islands to primarily help coaching development.

The new contract arrangements continue existing terms from 2011 to 2015, including the 2015 NatWest Island Games.