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Welcome exciting 2011!

Mon, 10 Jan 2011

Welcome new challenges and old friends.  There is nothing like a New Year full of opportunities, challenges and happiness.  For those of us involved in the International Island Games Association 2011 will be a continuation of an event started in 1985.  Indeed it will be the 14th time we meet to compete in the Friendly Games.  More than 3,000 participants are expected to arrive on a wonderful British island this summer for the NatWest Island Games XIV.  Sportsmen and sportswomen from 25 different Member Islands will travel to the Isle of Wight to compete and to win, and they will expect nothing less from their competitors.  Without fierce competition there is no challenge and without challenge there is no fun and without fun our lives are much less rewarding.

Whilst we have a New Year we also have many old friends.  People that we look forward to meeting again in friendly competition.  The NatWest Island Games will once again be bringing islands together.  There is still 6 months to go before the competition begins so please train as hard as you can, not only for your own sakes but for the continued development of our Games.  The harder we try, the further we reach and the better we become.

Good luck with your preparations!

Jorgen Pettersson

IIGA Chairman