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Executive Committee Meeting, Isle of Wight, March 27 – 30, 2008

Tue, 01 Apr 2008

The Executive Committee of the International Island Games Association (IGA) held its spring meeting on 27 – 30 March 2008 in the Isle of Wight – the host of the 2011 NatWest Island Games. Jörgen Pettersson, Chairman of the IGA, said that it had been a productive meeting in the Isle of Wight, the host of the 1993 Island Games. ”It is great to be back and it is good to see how island sports have developed since 1993. The present Isle of Wight Council has furthermore committed to support the Organising Committee of the NatWest Island Games 2011.” Two Islands – Bermuda and Prince Edward Island – are bidding for the hosting rights of the 2013 Island Games. This means the competition will for the first time take place on the other side of the Atlantic. After a lengthy discussion the IGA Executive Committee decided to recommend to the membership that the Island Games XV should be held in Bermuda rather than in Prince Edward Island. Jörgen Pettersson: “Which Island to recommend as the 2013 host was a difficult decision for the Executive Committee, given two excellent bids from two dear friends within the IGA Family. We all owe them the greatest respect for their enthusiasm and responsibility in order to continue the development of our organisation.” However, the final decision will as always be taken by the Membership at the IGA Annual General Meeting in Aland on 28th June 2008. At that meeting each of the 25 Member Islands has two votes and each member of the Executive Committee has one vote, which makes 56 votes in total. Dick Ekström, Chairman of the Organising Committee of the NatWest Island Games XIII, gave a report on the progress and preparations for next Games that will take place on 27 June – 4 July 2009 in the Aland Islands. Mr Ekström was really pleased with the great interest that the Islands have in the NatWest Island Games. “The number of sportspeople, including managers and officials, in the Aland Games could be approximately 3700,”” he said. For more details about the NatWest Island Games 2009, please visit David Ball, Vice Chairman of the Organising Committee of the NatWest Island Games XIV, gave an overview of the preparations for the 2011 NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Wight. The Executive Committee was pleased by the progress made by both the 2009 and 2011 NatWest Island Games Organising Committees. The NatWest representatives Jerry Whitsey and John Lindon attended the meeting in the Isle of Wight. NatWest, the main sponsor of the NatWest Island Games, has recently extended its sponsorship agreement with the IGA for a further two years. The new deal will guarantee sponsorship of the Games until after the 2011 competition in the Isle of Wight and means that NatWest will sponsor the inter-island competition for a seventh consecutive Games. NatWest’s funding to the IGA provides contributions for the running costs of the Games, the staffing of the IGA office in the Isle of Man and the Organising Committees of the Host Islands. Jerry Whitsey said: “NatWest continues to work in partnership with the IGA to help facilitate these wonderful Games and bring the opportunity for tough but friendly competition to so many islands. With there likely to be some 3700 competitors and officials at the NatWest Island Games in Aland in 2009 we are delighted we are reaching so many sportspeople and look forward to great events in both 2009 in Aland and 2011 in the Isle of Wight.” For further information please contact Jörgen Pettersson, Chairman of the IGA (, +3584573135640).