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Final Day of Competition

Fri, 01 Jul 2011

All good things must come to an end! What started only a week ago will finish when the sun sets today. The NatWest Island Games XIV draws to an end with finals in many of our sports including football, volleyball and basketball. When the last competitor has been presented with his/her medal all of the teams will gather in Cowes for the short Closing Ceremony Then the music and dancing will begin.

Yesterday was a day full of competitions.  The weather was very good which made everyone happy.  I gave interviews to BBC South and BBC Shetland and Orkney.  The NatWest Island Games needs the interest of the media to help us to raise the profile for future Games.  This would be very difficult to do without their genuine interest.

Tomorrow we will begin to think about the NatWest Island Games in Bermuda.  Some teams have told us that they have already begun to raise funds to travel there which is good.  It will prove to be a unique experience and well worth the extra effort to get there.

But first, let us celebrate the Isle of Wight - its Council and its people.  We came as islanders and competitors but will leave as friends!

Jorgen Pettersson

IIGA Chairman