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Challenges Everwhere

Mon, 05 Nov 2012

The reason that sports people become involved in sport is the will to perform a little better than others. But not only that - it is important for any competitor in any sport to improve both themselves and their results. Sport is comparable and it is encouranging because you will always be able to measure your improvements. By practicing more and taking higher risks you will become more skillful and you will gain more power.

This can be applied in many areas other than sport. All of the societies within the International Island Games Association have done this. They have learned from other things and improved their administration, their laws, their finances and the way their islanders live their daily lives together.

In order to develop islanders have always tried new roads and custom-made solutions. It works that way when you have no-one else to ask as happens in larger populations.  IIGA was created in 1985 to bring islanders together through international sport. Next summer will be the first time the Games will travel over the Atlantic. The Organisers in Bermuda are ready for their 'sunshine' Games. Our Member Islands all over the planet are on their way there.

On behalf of the IIGA Executive Committee I wish you all the best. Also to stress the importance of making the necessary bookings as early as possible and to keep in regular contact with Bermuda OC.

Jorgen Pettersson

IIGA Chairman