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Games Family Loses Valued Member - John Jackson

Wed, 10 Sep 2008

It is with regret and sadness that we learned that a Games stalwart John Jackson died last week. His funeral was held this week in Sark. Many Islanders amongst the Games Family will remember John, not only for the character he was but as the Chairman of Sark IGA , the competitor, Team Manager, and more recently spectator; but most of all as a proud Sarkee who loved his sport of shooting. John attended every Games from their inception in 1985 in the Isle of Man to Rhodes in 2007. He provided the excellent facilities for the Shooting fraternity in Sark which were used for the Guernsey Games in 2003 and which gave him one of his proudest moments in his long association with our Games; that along with the time Sark won the Gold Medal for the English Sporting Men's Individual competition in Shetland 2005! John was a wonderful support and inspiration to the whole of the Sark Team and although not in such good health during his latter years, he was still at his beloved shooting range watching the boys shoot only a few days before his death. John will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him and on behalf of the Island Games Association I have written to his Widow, Isabel, expressing our heartfelt sorrow and our thanks for the support John gave to our Games. Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman