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The NatWest Island Games XV - Bermuda 2013

Sun, 21 Jul 2013

After seven wonderful and exciting days of sport, the NatWest Island Games in Bermuda yesterday came to an end. At the Closoing Ceremony IIGA Chairman Jorgen Pettersson summarised the week as follows:

Good Evening Bermuda


A week of sport, extraordinary competition and courage beyond belief is over. In hosting the NatWest Island Games you have done what friends should do for each other. Your generosity has stunned us; your opened arms have comforted us and even cheered for us. Your island has left a memory within our hearts that will never leave. On behalf of the International Island Games Association I want to thank every Bermudian for a wonderful week.  It is a week that will forever define friendship, competition, cooperation and joy. I also want to thank every visiting islander and island who has made the NatWest Island Games happen.  You have been challenged and you have competed, you have shown that you have what it takes to become a winner. Tonight you are about to show what is even more important; that you have become a friend.

To the people of Bermuda from you island friends. You have made us all grow. You have made us all stronger. You have made us all better. We came as islanders, we leave as friends. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship. The NatWest Island Games in Bermuda has been a great success! Thanks to your generosity and hospitality we who came as visitors now consider ourselves a little bit more Bermudian!  You worked together as a team to make this happen. You did not fear. You did not hesitate. Thanks to dedication and bravery you managed to make reality out of a dream. Thank you Bermuda for letting us share that reality. Thank you Bermuda for inspiring us to take on the challenges. You might consider yourself another world. We who came as your visitors are now a part of that world, the Bermudian world!

Please lower the flag of the International Island Games Association.