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Thank You Bermuda!

Tue, 23 Jul 2013

The following text was sent to the Royal Gazette and Bermuda Sun in Bermuda thanking everyone for contributing to the success of the NatWest Island Games XV:

Thank you Bermudians

A week of joy, competition, friendship and hospitality is over. We came as visitors and guests but we leave as your friends. The NatWest Island Games brought islands and islanders together in Bermuda for a friendly competition which turned out to be a great success. Records were broken and lasting friendships were made. That would not have happened without the joint efforts from our Hosts; all Bermudians.

You not only opened your islands and your venues for your guests. You also opened your homes and more precious – your hearts. You have in every way possible helped us around, encouraged us and made us feel not only as guests and friends. You made us a part of your society.

It is with mixed feelings we leave your island. It will be great to return home to our loved ones. It still hurts to leave our new friends behind. However and because you always meet (at least) twice we are looking forward to staying in contact with you and continuing the building of our common future in sport and friendship.

On behalf of the International Island Games Association I thank Bermuda chairman Jon Beard, his wingwoman Juanita Blee and –men Andrew Soares, Paul Scope and Games Director Chuck Millican and all the thousands of Bermudians who made us all a little bit more Bermudiful.

See you at NatWest Island Games XVI in Jersey 2015!

Jorgen Pettersson
IIGA Chairman