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NatWest International Island Games competitors in Gold Coast

Wed, 04 Apr 2018

James Johnston with Linda Alvarez and Reagan Lima from Gibraltar
James Johnston with Linda Alvarez and Reagan Lima from Gibraltar

“The NatWest International Island Games has become an important stepping stone for further achievements. That is once again proved by the participation of so many competitors from our Member Islands at the Commonwealth Games. Good luck to everyone involved and congratulations in becoming role models! I am pleased that our Vice-Chairman, James Johnston, is in Gold Coast to strengthen the links between the Commonwealth Games Federation and our Association. ” Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman, International Island Games Association.

Below is a list of competitors in Gold Coast that have also competed at the NatWest International Island Games. To follow their progress see the website


Tre Houston (Athletics)               

Micah Franklin (Squash)               

Tyler Butterfield (Triathlon)


Cayman Islands

Jamal Walton (Athletics)              

Kemar Hyman (Athletics)             

Ronald Forbes (Athletics)            

Alex Pascal (Athletics)                  

Carl Morgan (Athletics)                

Christopher Jackson (Shooting)                     

Cameron Stafford (Squash)

Caroline Stafford (Squash)

Marlene West (Squash)

Eilidh Bridgeman (Squash)

Iain McCallum (Swimming)

Lauren Hew (Swimming)

David Ebanks (Swimming)

Alison Jackson (Swimming)


Falkland Islands

Doug Clark (Badminton)

Tobi Adeoye (Badminton)

Chris Eynon (Badminton)

Cheryl March (Badminton)

Zoe Morris (Badminton)

Graham Didlick (Shooting)

Charlotte Middleton (Shooting)

Murray Middleton (Shooting)

Nevin Middleton (Shooting)



Harvey Dixon (Athletics)

Jerai Torres (Athletics)

Derek Barbara (Cycling)

Julian Bellido (Cycling)

Joey Sherriff (Cycling)

Wayne Piri (Shooting)

Mairead Sherriff (Shooting)

Jonathan Patron (Shooting)

Daniel Payas (Shooting)

Kevin Cowles (Shooting)

Christian Navas (Squash)

Jim Sanderson (Swimming)

Aidon Carroll (Swimming)

Matt Savitz (Swimming)

Jordan Gonzalez (Swimming)

Chris Walker (Triathlon)

Robert Matto (Triathlon)

Andrew Gordon (Triathlon)



Alistair Chalmers (Athletics)

Cameron Chalmers Athletics)

Tom Druce (Athletics)

Sarah Mercier (Athletics)

Lee Merrien (Athletics)

Sam Wallbridge (Athletics)

Stuart Hardy (Badminton)

Elena Johnson (Badminton)

Chloe Le Tissier (Badminton)

Jordan Trebert (Badminton)

Jack English (Cycling)

Tobyn Horton (Cycling)

Karina Jackson (Cycling)

James McLaughlin (Cycling)

James Roe (Cycling)

Mike Serafin (Cycling)

Darren Burtenshaw (Cycling)

Matthew Guille (Shooting)

Adam Jory (Shooting)

Peter Jory (Shooting)

Stefan Roberts * (Shooting) – competed for Sark at the NatWest International Island Games

Nikki Trebert (Shooting)

Tom Hollingsworth (Swimming)

Miles Munro (Swimming)

Tatiana Tostevin (Swimming)

Josh Lewis (Triathlon)


Isle of Man

Joe Harris (Athletics)

Joe Reid (Athletics)

Kim Cleague (Badminton)

Ben Li (Badminton)

Jessica Li (Badminton)

Cristen Marritt (Badminton)

Anna Christian (Cycling)

Nick Corlett (Cycling)

Matthew Draper (Cycling)

Nathan Draper (Cycling)

Lizzie Holden (Cycling)

Leon Mazzone (Cycling)

Nicole Burns (Gymnastics)

Rachel Glover (Shooting)

Jake Keeling (Shooting)

Neil Parsons (Shooting)

David Walton (Shooting)

Charlotte Atkinson (Swimming)

Stephanie Brew (Swimming)

Guy Davies (Swimming)

Laura Kinley (Swimming)



Sam Dawkins (Athletics)

Zane Duquemin (Athletics)

Elliot Dorey (Athletics)

Alex Hutchings (Badminton)

Elise Dixon (Badminton)

Emily Temple-Redshaw (Badminton)

Matthew Bignall (Badminton)

Kim Ashton (Cycling)

Dan Halksworth (Cycling)

Rhys Hidrio (Cycling)

Helen Ralston (Cycling)

Jack Rebours (Cycling)

Ollie Lowthorpe (Cycling)

Daniel Lee (Gymnastics)

Bonita Shurmer (Gymnastics)

Rachelle Flambard (Gymnastics)

Barry Le Cheminant (Shooting)

David Le Quesne (Shooting)

Andrew Chapman (Shooting)

Cameron Pirouet (Shooting)

Sarah Campion (Shooting)

Nikki Holmes (Shooting)

Gemma Atherley (Swimming)

Harry Shalamon (Swimming)

Ollie Turner (Triathlon)



Stefan Roberts * (Shooting) – competing for Guernsey in the Gold Coast


St. Helena

Carlos Yon (Shooting)

Simon Henry (Shooting)

Ben Dillon (Swimming)

Colby Thomas (Swimming