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IIGA Looks Forward to a New Host Island

Tue, 16 Feb 2010

This week the Bid Documents are being circulated for Gotland and Jersey, both candidates Islands for Hosting the Island Games XVI - 2015.  They are both to be applauded!  Gotland and Jersey are competing in the same manner as we encourage our sportsmen and women to do - competing to win - for the honour of Hosting the 2015 Games.   Thanks to the effort from Gotland and Jersey the International Island Games Association will continue the development of the IIGA which, since 1985 has given a new context to island life.   All our Member Island have encouraged their sportspeople to try harder and train longer by providing them with a clear objective/goal.  If they succeed they will compete against international opponents and make friends from all over the world.  This will bring them not only pride in themselves and their islands, but make them great ambassadors for life in general and sport in particular - not forgetting excellent role models for everyone everywhere.

On behalf of the IIGA I would like to express our admiration for both Gotland and Jersey and the huge amount of work their Bid Committees have already put into the preparations of their Bids.


And as in sport, may the competition encourage the winner of the silver medallion to try again.  The honour of Hosting the 2015 Games will be awarded by vote at the IIGA Annual General Meeting to be held in the Isle of Wight on 27th June 2010.

Jorgen Pettersson

IIGA Chairman