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Rhodes - 2007

Legacy – Rhodes Host to the 2007 NatWest Island Games

         Q.    What do you see as the biggest legacy of hosting the NatWest Island Games on your island in 2007?

A.     Fortunately for Rhodes there is no small or large legacy – everything acquired during the Games is important and necessary for the continued development of sport on the island of Rhodes.  Given the tragic economic crisis which started in 2008 and continues today, the organization of the NatWest Island Games in 2007 must be regarded as extraordinary.  Without the Games there would simply have been no talk of new sporting equipment, the building, repair and improvements  to sporting facilities.  For this reason alone any legacy must be seen as unique, vital and a saving factor in the island’s sporting future.

Q      What were the impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games on sport (including venues) and physical activity on your island?

A.      The impacts were all very positive.  The facilities created had a big influence on the development of sports and sportsmanship and led to an increase in the number of athletes and their accomplishments.  In some cases 100%; elsewhere sporting achievements were noted, for example, in Sailing  local athletes are members of the Greek National team; also in Archery local athletes participated in the Greek National Archery Championships and at the NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Wight in 2011 in the Men’s 70m team event. They participate in many NatWest Island Games.  In 2013 a junior female athlete, Theodorou Klelia, competed in the high jump competition at the World Athletics for students in China, she also participated in the NatWest Island Games in the Isle of Wight in 2011.

Q.     Did hosting the Games in 2007 influence the popularity and importance of the NatWest Island Games on your     island?

A.      That the Games were organized and took place on Rhodes surprised many people.  The majority then realized the magnitude, seriousness and significance of the Games and support was forthcoming.

  1. What were the economic impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games on your island?
  1. The economic effects were positive and comparatively large and included major and important sports projects with funding of about €2.5 million, from the local government and the State. Some 12 hotels were full as were rental car services, restaurants and taverns in the Kallithea area.  The colourful costumes from the various islands were also seen throughout the Old Town and Rhodes city centre.  
  1. What were the social impacts of hosting the NatWest Island Games, particularly in terms of volunteering, the cultural sector and community engagement?
  1. he social impacts were as important as the sporting elements with hundreds of volunteers involved before and during the Games, the interaction of the various islanders and the opportunity for local Rhodians to meet and greet athletes and their supporters from throughout the NatWest Games network.