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Island Games Association of PEI Withdraws Bid for 2013 Island Games

Publication Date: Tue, 06 May 2008

Charlottetown, PEI, May 5, 2008 - It is with great disappointment that the Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. must advise the public and all sporting organizations on Prince Edward Island that we have had to withdraw our formal bid to host the 2013 Island Games. This event would have brought in an estimated $10 million in revenues to the province of Prince Edward Island with a cost of $2.1 million. It would have attracted over 4000 international athletes and visitors as well as over 300 media organizations. The required facilities and infrastructure would have been in place as a result of the hosting of the 2009 Canada Summer Games. The legacy of the Canada Summer Games was to have these facilities in place so the Island could continue to attract and host more sporting events and involve our athletes in competition. The NatWest International Island Games would have achieved that very legacy. After many months of work by this volunteer organization, and after securing the support of Premier Robert Ghiz and the Government of Prince Edward Island on our formal submission of Dec. 24, 2007, we in good faith forwarded our official bid. On Feb. 19, 2008, the Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. received correspondence from the Deputy Minister of Community, Cultural Affairs & Labour, Ms. Tracy Cutcliffe that the Government of Prince Edward Island would not continue to offer their support for this bid and would not provide any financial or any other kind of support to our bid. This came about after a series of discussions and correspondence on responsibility for the bid process. The Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. made every effort to secure support through other avenues and, as recent as April 21, 2008, met with the Premier of the Province, The Hon. Robert Ghiz, to convince the Government to continue their support of our bid. It was to no avail; the Premier restated their position of withdrawal of support. To this end, the Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. has advised the International Island Games Association of our withdrawal of our bid. It is indeed a very unfortunate outcome to what would have been an opportunity to showcase our province and most importantly offer international competition for our athletes in this Province, had we been successful in our bid. As an organization, we felt very confident in our ability to garner enough support to win this bid, but it is not to be. “An Island of memories awaits your arrival” was what we offered our sister Islands. Now they will not have an opportunity to even consider the memories they might have had. -30- For further information contact: Mr. Alfred V. Groom, President Island Games Association of Prince Edward Island Inc. 902-436-2295 Mr. Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman International Island Games Association Tel: 011 358 457 313 5640

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